You Followed All the Personal Growth Advice Out There, But the Life You Want Still Eludes You?
You’ve read all the personal growth books. Took all the seminars and master classes. Followed all the instructions. Spent hours upon hours with affirmations. And yet you somehow still can’t quite reach the success you know you deserve?
You have faith in the Law of Attraction, but it somehow
seems to work for others and just not for you?
Is It You, or Are the Gurus Lying to You?
Well, it’s not just you.
Millions wake up every day with the same question. They read the books, follow some of the instructions, and yet nothing much changes.

Or it does, for a while … before ultimately crashing back down.

Is it the guru’s fault? Are they teaching us stuff that just doesn’t work?

Not at all. The gurus aren’t lying. But, no personal growth program is universally applicable to every single human being.

We all come from different environments and backgrounds. We’ve been shaped by different people, different cultures and different socio-economic forces.
But, The One Thing We All Have in Common, is Our Capacity for Being Extraordinary
No matter where you come from, you carry within yourself an innate ability for being extraordinary in every aspect of your life. An innate potential for greatness.
The truth is, you are so much more powerful than you have ever been taught.
The keys to living a BIG U life of success, wealth, happiness, productivity and abundance are all already within you. You just need to unlock them.
If you haven’t made it by now, maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t in you, but in the type of advice you’ve been taking. The type of advice that maybe works for the majority of others, but not for your specific upbringing, your circumstances and your unique challenges.
Now Imagine the Unique Circumstances of Someone Growing Up in a Socialist State ...
Imagine growing up in a socialist state where people who practice free speech are shipped off to a secluded prison island. Where people have to wait in line for basic life necessities.
And where the only ideals your parents want to ingrain in you are to always keep your head down, obey the system, get a secure 9-to-5 job and work hard.

Forget about entrepreneurial role models. Because there aren’t any entrepreneurs in the country. Because entrepreneurship isn’t supported by the system.

Forget about your parents motivating you to achieve more. No, in this socialist state, parents were telling their kids to keep their heads down and become part of the system, just like everyone else.

This country is Slovenia. And while it’s become known as a small paradise today, it was still a land of hard socialism in the 1980’, when Smillion Mori was growing up there.
How One Man Beat the Socialist State Against All Odds to Become One of the Highest Paid Speakers in Europe
He was born to a poor family in a small Slovene village with only 500 people
A place where his mother only finished her elementary school, and his father not even that. Not because they were lazy or stupid, but because times were hard and they had to help their families survive even as young children. Survival came before education.
Smillion did have one thing going for him growing up. His father taught him from a young age to learn hard so that he didn’t have to work as hard as he did. So that he could earn more money and live a better life.
In Slovenia back in the socialist days that meant getting a government job. Smillion listened to his father, pushed hard and came out top of his class first in the police academy and later one of the best graduates at the Slovene Faculty of Law. He was on a fast track to maybe even become the next Minister of Internal Affairs or an Assistant Professor at the Faculty for Internal Affairs.
But, although he kept climbing the ladder, his salary was still exactly the same as that of his colleagues, who were working much less and investing far less of themselves in their jobs.
That’s when it hit him. Everything he learned at school did not help him become successful in his life. Or happy and satisfied with himself. Or to be more confident and have more self esteem. Or to be bold and courageous and to attract the good into his life. Everything he learned at school did not help him earn more money and be financially free. Not to mention getting the love of his dreams and have successful relationships.
So he did the only thing he believed he could: he quit his 9-to-5 job and started a life-long education process and building an incredible entrepreneurial life.
His father immediately kicked him out of the house for quitting his secure government to sell life insurances.. Homeless and without a source of income, he started on a new path that turned him into a self-made Millionaire that he is today.
He started learning from the best in the world, and working with them.
Richard Branson
Gary Vaynerchuk
Vishen Lakhiani
Marisa Peer
Patrick Bet David
Craig Ballantyne
Steve Olsher
Rob Dial
Lisa Nichols
He transformed his life and his business.
But not just his own.
Starting with only a few cents in his pocket, he built a multi-Million insurance agency from scratch in just a few years. His businesses made more than 50 Million Euros just during the past few years.

He transformed his life and his business. But not just his own.
His path took him to becoming an international speaker, motivator and coach, inspiring more than 330,000 people from more than 50 countries to change their lives and transform their businesses forever.
Smiljan presenting to a crowd of 12,000 in St. Petersburg
Even more impressive, he once sold out an entire arena for a personal growth event, bringing in more than 4,000 people … and that in a market with just 2 Million!
Smillion’s packed arena event with 4,000 participants
He wrote 10 bestselling books that were published in Slovenia and some also in English and Russian. And he has a new book coming out in 2019 in the US, to be published by Morgan James New York.

He is considered as one of the best business and life coaches in Europe, having coached CEOs, world leaders, professional athletes, an Olympic gold medalist and entrepreneurial couples. He is also a social media influencers with more than 3,2 Million followers and the host of the Smillion Mori Warrior Family podcast. And he’s a 6 time TOP of the Table MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) member.
See what the masters are saying about Smillion:
But most importantly, he is a devoted father of two kids, Sima and Samuel, and a passionate husband.
A Unique Touch to Help You Succeed,
Even if Nothing Else Had Worked Before
Being raised in a socialist state and succeeding despite the odds is what gives Smillion his unique touch and the ability to help those that may have tried everything else before without success.
Again, just imagine growing up in a place where even speaking of personal success can get you in trouble. Where speaking your mind can put you in prison. And where everyone around you is trying to make you conform to be … average.

Imagine what kind of mental strength it takes to break out of this kind of mental prison to achieve your wildest dreams and more.
In order to especially help those that still aren’t able to achieve their dreams, Smillion created a never-before seen program based on three unique pillars:
  •  His personal experience of making it against all odds, even if you’re born in kind of mental prison where success is not just frowned upon, but dangerous
  •  Best knowledge, tools and processes from the best coaches and masters of personal growth in the world that Smillion learned from
  •  Latest positive psychology and neuroscience findings and breakthroughs
Here are just some of the coaches and masters that Smillion interviewed to extract the best breakthroughs for helping you succeed against all odds:
Grant Cardone
Vishen Lakhiani
Peng Joon
Marshall Goldsmith
Lisa Nichols
Marisa Peer
Eric Edmeades
Patrick Bet-David
Jaime Masters
Alex Charfen
Rob Dial
Welcome to the BIG U Academy,
a Radical Life Transformation System
Out of these 3 pillars comes a science-based educational system, designed to help you achieve your full potential by unlocking a new way of living.
It’s a framework to transform every single area of your life, including relationships, business, emotions, money and your career. 

It’s a program to upgrade and re-program your thought processes, habits and beliefs.

In short, it’s a program to help you hack your mind to start living the life you’ve always wanted and the life you deserve. And it will give you all the exercises, tools, strategies and the mindset to get you there.

And most importantly, it’s the program for the people who want to have it all and are ready to fight for their loving family, incredibly successful careers, health and happiness.

Yes, you really can have it all.
Your Toolbox for Automatic Success
The BIG U Academy program is your toolbox for automatic success, even if you’ve done everything you can think of but haven’t had the success you expected.
You are about to learn how to make success happen in a way that actually works. You will learn how to to quickly and easily turn things around and eliminate every single obstacle that is keeping you stick, frustrated, unhappy and stressed.

You will make your life work FOR you, instead of against you.

You see, the trying harder is actually not the answer. If it were, you’d already have the life you want. Instead of just trying harder and hoping for results, you need a more effective approach.

There is a better way ...
A Unique 8-Module System to Get You to Where You Want to Be, Regardless of Where You Are Right Now
The Big U Academy is a radical transformation neuroscience-based program that starts deep in your subconscious and takes you on a step-by-step journey to the ultimate change you want to achieve. 
Start by mastering your subconscious, then implement real change everywhere.
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll master.
Module 1:
The Power of Subconscious Mind
  •  How Smillion used a secret programming technique that helped him build his first business with no money and no experience and take it from zero to 50 Million in just 10 years
  •  How Smillion personally went from nobody to one of the highest paid speakers in Europe
  •  How beliefs program you for success or struggle
  •  How the subconscious gets the wrong programming
  •  Your beliefs, stored in the subconscious, act like automatic programs that direct the way you think, speak, and act
  •  Learn a proven 3 step formula for upgrading your programming
Module 2:
The Power of Thoughts
  •  The secret reasons why wealth and abundance are directly connected to your thoughts and state of mind
  •  Learn the science of how thoughts control your life
  •  Why positive thinking alone will do more harm than good and what you should do instead to harness control of your body and your life
  •  How to mentally rehearse a new destiny or dream about a new outcome until it becomes reality
  •  How thoughts change the brain and body
Module 3: 
The Power of Beliefs and Faith
  •  The exact same thing Smillion did with his wife to get their first baby daughter after 10 years of going from doctor to doctor and nearly giving up
  •  How to disconnect yourself from the system of controlled thought patterns and unleash your full potential
  •  How to re-calibrate the hard drive of your mind and develop the psychology of extraordinariness and awesomeness
  •  Learn where your limiting beliefs come from and how they are formed in your subconscious mind
  •  The 7 main subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life and business
  •  A simple 3 step process to build a belief around your dreams and goals
  •  How the right beliefs can help you recession proof yourself by creating your own personal economy and stimulus plan
  •  4 ways to immediately transcend the doubt that is the result of your disempowering beliefs
Module 4: 
The Power of Expectations
  •  Learn how our expectations bend our reality and become self fulfilling prophecies
  •  Discover the deep science of how your expectations form your life, including the Hawthorne Effect, the Nocebo Effect, the Placebo Effect and the Pygmallion … and how to use them to all to craft the life you want
  •  Learn how something as simple as expectations can transform an ordinary person into someone extraordinary … and the opposite as well
Module 5: 
The Neuroscience of Setting and Achieving Goals
  •  Master the NeuroGoal system for setting and achieving your goals
  •  Learn the reasons why traditional goal setting techniques and not working and what neuroscience has to say about setting and achieving goals and dreams
  •  Why techniques like “priming” are so important for achieving results almost automatically
  •  The IF - THEN strategy for setting and achieving goals
  •  Why only 3% of people achieve their goals
  •  Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work and what to do instead
  •  How to set a goal that you can pursue even in the face of problems
  •  How to build willpower that can be trained like a muscle
  •  How to avoid the kind of positive thinking that makes people fail
Module 6: 
The Science of Happiness and Success
  •  Your success and happiness are contagious
  •  Why happiness is a personal decision and a choice
  •  What intentional activities we can do every day to increase our happiness level by 40%
  •  3 keys to achieve long lasting happiness
  •  6 essential elements of happiness
  •  7 major causes of unhappiness and fail-safe ways to overcome them
  •  6 simple secrets of happy people
  •  Scientific ways to live 10 years longer
  •  Keys to living a longer, healthier and happier life
Module 7: 
The Neuroscience of Change
  •  3 reasons why people resist change and how to overcome those reasons when implementing change in your life, family or business
  •  17 reasons why people resist change
  •  Why change is physical pain
  •  Why social rejection is pain
  •  What is going on in our brain when we hear “change”
  •  If we want to change others we first have to change ourselves.
  •  What is the change mindset and how you can cultivate it in yourself and others
Module 8: 
The Neuroscience of Habit Change
  •  How habits are formed and why it’s so hard to change them
  •  The biggest lie that it only takes 21 days to build a new habit
  •  8 key habits of highly successful people
  •  Trigger, behaviour, reward - the key ingredients for breaking the bad habit and forming a new habit
  •  How to stick to your new habits
  •  Why it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit
Combined Video Course and Workbooks
The BIG U Academy program combines high-fidelity video with easy to follow instructions and workbooks to help you get the most from the program in the shortest possible time, putting you in the middle of the action from minute one.
Guaranteed Results, or Your Money Back
With everything you’ve tried so far, we understand you may be sceptical. But we’re also 100% certain this program will work for you.
We’re giving you a 100% ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the program, work it, and if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll be happy to refund you in 30 days of your purchase.
You’re Probably Thinking 
“This Program Costs a Fortune”
It doesn’t.
Smillion’s goal for this program is to reach and help as many people as possible, 
especially those that feel they’ve been left down so far.
So we’ve made the price instantly accessible to everyone.

While others may charge you
up to $999 for a program like this,
it’s yours now for a limited
time for only $74,90.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.
Only $74,90.
No hidden costs. 
No hidden subscriptions. 
Just a one-time shot of $74,90.
  • 8 Modules of Extreme Life Upgrades
  • 110 Videos
  • 10 hours of Life Changing Lectures
You're in good hands!
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  • 100% Refund Policy: If you don't make any progress, we'll refund you, no questions asked!
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